U.V. Cabinet

U.V. Cabinet

Cabinet for Chromatographic analysis by ultra violet fluorescence. Fluorescence analysis under laboratory lighting condition.Fast, simple and convenient operation with independent controls at tops.

Long wave and short lamps plus white light provides three means of locating and identifying components. This chromatogram viewing cabinet combines both long and short wave ultra violet and also white light in a compact table-top unit.This self-contained unit is designed for easy viewing and making of chromatograms and also for general florescence studies.Chromatograms can be viewed with 3600-4000 A Long wave or 2500Ao short wave ultra violet or with white light. The ultra violet lights can also blew used in combination if desired. Black curt ion on the front ensures darkness and brilliant florescence inside the cabinet,at the same time enabling the operator to adjust the sample and lights easily or making.


Study all metal construction and provided with two handles at the sides for transportation.Switches and fitted at the top for easy operation.

Application :

  • Long wave : Fluorescing spots on chromatagrams can locate compounds like dyestuffs,vanillin's flavones,alkaloids etc.
  • Short wave : Detects Compounds,such as barbiturates purine and pyrimidine derivatives ,PHT-aminoacids,DNP -amino acids and steroids.
  • In detection of traces of minerals,study of old inspections.