Auto Kari Fishcer Titration Apparatus

Auto Kari Fishcer Titration Apparatus

AUTO KARL FISHCER TITRATION APPARATUS is used for accurate determination of moisture in various samples.The instrument is housed in a mild steel cabinet duly powder coated with built magnetic stirrer & attached titration

Stand.Controls mounted on the front panel for easy operation.DBK Karl Fischer Titrator Finds use in chemical,pharmaceutical,food ,cosmetics,oil& many other industries inQ.C and R & D laboratories.

Type : Auto zero burette,Capacity 10ml with glass valve.

Resolution : 0.05ml

Accuracy : 10 PRM - 25gms of sample

Resolution : Amber color reservoir,250ml for longer stability.Facility to transfer reagent from burette back to reservoir.

Electrode : Twin Platinum Electrode.

Vessel : Specially designed moisture tight reaction vessel. Small quantity samples can be titrated

Stirrer : Motorized Teflon Coated Magnetic Stirrer. Solenoid: Special DBK Design.No tedious solenoid valve setting.

Display : 10 segments, LED bar display to indicate level of titration.

End Point : Audio & Visual alarm.

Time : Display 10 adjustable.

Dimension : 8Kg approx to be arrange by user.